key radio Staff

1450 AM, 91.3 FM Provo  | 95.5 FM Payson  |  91.7 FM Richfield  |  91.9 FM Price  |  91.7 FM Vernal

mike Zander

General Manager

Mike was born bald, bearded, and wearing old-man reading glasses on his forehead. Well…maybe he wasn’t born that way, but this is how most recognize him now. Originally from near Green Bay, WI, Mike was saved at the age of 37 while attending a church men’s retreat, and not long after hung up much of what constituted his life to follow Jesus. The first stop involved three years at Frontier School of the Bible, and since then, Mike and his wife, Heather have been serving at Key Radio. Mike and Heather have three children, Samuel, Walter, Margaret.

charlotte Bechtel

Public Service Director

If anyone has a pioneer spirit, it's Charlotte.  After graduating from Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music in Michigan, she made the long journey west to serve at a church plant in Idaho.  After 22 years, she once again packed up her bags, this time moving to Utah where she plugged into another church plant, and eventually a newly established Christian radio station in Provo.  (That's Key Radio!)

Today, Charlotte has a full-time job keeping Mike in line, and if that wasn't enough, she is the voice that keeps you informed about the events happening in our four listening areas.  

Heather Zander

Program Director

If you haven't picked up on it yet, Heather is not only related to Mike, she's his wife, so much of his story is her story, too!  Best known as the talkative co-host of Mike and Heather in the morning, she also serves as Program Director, webmaster, appmaster (is that a thing?) and also makes a mean cup of coffee. Heather hails from Wisconsin, and will probably never shed her Midwestern accent, but no bother - God's Word is sweet no matter what dialect!

Grant Burkhalter

Video Producer

After four work team trips to the station, staff finally convinced Grant to stick around for a while. Grant's willingness to learn video editing and production has allowed Key Radio to open up communication opportunities beyond the traditional broadcast platform. Plus, his exhaustive knowledge of 80s pop culture adds a distinct flavor to the morning show soup du jour!