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Who is key radio?

Are you a child of the Most High God?  Do you know where you will go when you die?about-us-collage

These questions are the most important ones you will ever ask yourself, and yet many cannot answer them, let alone answer them with any sense of surety.

But there are answers, and there is hope for every human being who puts their faith in the only Savior who has ever died for the sinner!  That’s why we here at Key Radio work tirelessly to bring you the Gospel – the Good News – of Jesus Christ, and His plan of redemption for the human race.

Key is a non-commercial, non-profit station dedicated to proclaiming, “Life unlocked, truth unleashed.” Since 1987 we have broadcast programs that proclaim the freedom from the death sentence of sin that can only come through trust in the all-sufficient work of Jesus alone.  Our format blends programs supplied by the Moody Broadcasting Network via satellite, pre-recorded programs from various local and national ministries, and music and programming that originate from our studios in Provo, Utah.

Our main focus is to proclaim eternal life through Christ to the lost, and to encourage believers to stand firm and share their faith in Christ with their neighbors, their families, and their friends.  We do this through teaching God’s Word – the Bible.

And let’s face it – who can keep quiet with news as wonderful as this?
Mike and Heather with guest pastor Timothy O'Day
Char, Heather and Addy representing
Key Radio at a missions conference.

how we do it...

Since Key Radio is a non-commercial, listener-supported station, we depend upon your financial partnership to keep us broadcasting God’s Word.  Furthermore, Key does not sell air time to its programmers or accept commercial advertising.  This allows us to concentrate on our mission.

Do you want to be a part of this broadcast ministry?  It’s not hard to be a Key Radio financial partner.  Give on-line by visiting our Donate Now page!

expanding utah ministry

Key Radio first began airing Christian programs back in 1987 on the AM dial in the Provo area.  Since then, we’ve seen God increase the Key footprint, reaching out to Price and Carbon County (KEYP), then Richfield and South-central Utah (KEYR) in 2010. Soon afterwards, in 2011, God brought Key Radio to Vernal and the Uintah Basin (KEYV)  – all on the FM band.  In 2016 God opened another door, allowing Key Radio to put down stakes on the FM band in Utah Valley.
Mike (left) conducting some tower maintenance with a little help from a friend.