The Truth about Lies

Jul 27, 2022    Nate Fox, Lifestone Church

In a world that insists that truth is relative and that no one should trample on another's version of truth, happiness, contentment, and joy are as elusive as ever. The Bible is clear - God is the source of all truth and living outside of that truth is to be opposed to the Creator's clear design for His creation. In this series, we will study the lies that even Christians fall for, and the truth that will set them free.
(Inspiration for this series comes from "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss)
One only has to flip on the television or even watch a movie to discover strategic product placement, subtle suggestive images, or overt assumptive language that shapes our culture, and thus the minds of the viewer. Today we discover the importance of being alert to the deception surrounding us.