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Dig deeper into God's word with some of our trusted local pastors and apologists. 

From Key Radio

Mike and Heather in the Morning

Check out past episodes and series of Key Radio's morning show.
Why should people be afraid to talk about God?  Join Mike and Heather as they invite local pastors and other special guests in to talk about God, the Bible, the Christian life, and other topics that affect all of us.  If you're looking for highfalutin jibber-jabber, don't bother subscribing.  The conversations are candid, lively, and sometimes silly, but always grounded in the Truth.  Mike and Heather in the Morning is a ministry of Key Radio located in Provo, Utah.

From our regular guests

One true Jesus

Dave Elshaug, Carl Wimmer and Nate Fox
A podcast talking about Jesus after Mormonism.  We know there are many people leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We care deeply for those on this journey and want to share stories of those who have left religion behind and have encountered the One True Jesus. 

Distinctive Christianity

Brendon Scoggin and Skyler Hamilton
A podcast comparing Mormon and Creedal Christian thought.

Do Theology

Jeremy Howard and Kenn Chipchase
Keeping Doctrine in Its Place Concepts discussed in the show are based on our chart which can be found at dotheology.com/chart

Truthpoint Apologetics

Corry Pensabene
EQUIPPING the church to discover, deliver & defend the TRUTH of God’s Word &
ENGAGING the people, ideas & issues in God’s world