Price tower

relocation project for keyp

1450 AM, 91.3 FM Provo  | 95.5 FM Payson  |  91.7 FM Richfield  |  91.9 FM Price  |  91.7 FM Vernal

Thank you for your interest in the KEYP Price, UT transmitter relocation project!
We have a fantastic message that the world needs to hear in God’s Word and specifically in the Gospel. Radio is still a great tool for this, and we look forward to seeing how God will use Key Radio to His glory when we are broadcasting across Castle Valley!

This project goes back over 10 years when we were granted a license by the FCC to broadcast in Price, UT. Challenges to find a good location caused us to temporarily install our equipment at a church as we sought out a better location. That pursuit has proceeded for the last number of years and culminated in our purchase of a small plot of land on the top of Gentry Point to the west of Price.
Our FCC license will allow us to broadcast at 2000 watts from nearly 10,000 feet, where we are now at 100 watts at city level of 5600 feet. This will double the population that we reach and increase our range incredibly for people driving.

Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and your contributions.  We will keep you updated as construction commences.
Rejoice with us!