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updates 1/27/2021
$40,882.90 lEFT TO RAISE

After many months of deliberating with potential power providers, we have accepted that a traditional grid-fed power line will not be available at our site.

This left us with few options. Diesel or propane generators are expensive to operate and difficult to fuel in the winter, and there is no water supply on the mountain for a nuclear reactor.  (Sure, it’s sarcasm, but don’t think it didn’t cross our minds!) Our only other option is solar and wind.
As you can imagine, the solar and wind option provides its own set of challenges, especially at such a high altitude. Extreme temperatures, snow buildup and icing, and potential 100 mph wind gusts are all factors that make this a very involved system.

A master electrician and solar/wind enthusiast from Texas is developing plans for a system that will power the transmitter and supporting equipment. The biggest hurdles will come from the short, overcast days of winter, especially when the snow and ice builds up on the solar panels. We will rely on batteries and the wind for those days and nights.


We have met with the landowner and surveyor at the site to establish the boundaries for the property, and are working with Carbon County and the landowner on the subdivision of this lot, and then complete the purchase of the property. A local engineer is designing the foundation for the towers, and we will continue to develop the site plan.
(See preliminary drawing.)

"and the actual retail price is..."

The addition of the solar and wind element has thrown heavy costs onto the front end of the project that will likely be recovered over time with the elimination of power bills that would have exceeded $250/month. Solar and wind has added over $20,000 to the project cost, bringing the total to $71,395. The items and services that we have already paid for equal $21,503, leaving us $49,892 that we will still need to spend on the project.

Project Cost: $71,395 (updated)
Funds Raised $27,756.85 (as of 10/30/2020)
Funds Needed $43,638.15
What goes into a project like this?  Here’s a peek at the expenditures still required. Note that this isn't everything. For example, land acquisition isn't itemized here.

Concrete and install $6,000
Z/IP stream  $1,500
Antennas/Splitter   $2,700
Cable fittings  $1,000
FCC application services  $9,000
Real estate  related costs   $23,500
Solar and wind equipment, including:
Inverter $1,519
Solar panels $5,000
Wind generator $2,100 *FUNDED! 8/14/2002
System design $3,000
Battery $5,000
Panel support $2,000
Wire/cable/other $1,000

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