Easter or Ressurection Sunday is coming up quickly, and I always feel a little blue because we don't make much of it like we do Christmas.  But maybe it's for the best, in that we aren't distracted by the blinky lights and holiday hulabaloo (although I do love the blinkies and the 'baloos!)

In prepping for morning show topics, I tripped across this little devotional book, "The Cross in Four Words" written by Kevin DeYoung, Richard Coekin, and Yannick Christos-Wahab.  Huge blessing.  One of the many good quotes that stood out was written by DeYong, "Don't think that God's love is just a RESULT of the cross.  God's love is WHAT LED TO THE CROSS." (emphasis mine).  

Friend, do you know how loved you are? You are precious, created to love God and delight in him forever. Your sin and mine disqualifies us from that love.  What's worse, we deserve punishment, not delight.  Judgment, not mercy.  Death, not life.

But God is rich in both justice and mercy, and it was for this reason - and his love - that Jesus voluntarily, willingly, and unwaveringly plowed his way to the cross. Our infinite God, paid our infinite sin debt, so that we can live with him for all infinity.  

Friend - consider the cross.  I mean, really consider it.  Jesus said, "Repent and believe..." (Mark 1:16).  So DO it! Do it TODAY!  Enjoy the love of Christ, and look to the cross and remember. Remember his love, his sacrifice, his victory, his mercy, and his peace that he freely gives today. All this and more.  

Because He chose the cross.
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