I realize that the title might make our beloved grammar-guards' hair curl (sorry) but I have my reasons.  The last few weeks on the morning show, we've been discussing Jesus' last words during that whole gruesome day.  He asserted that he was God - the Great I Am.  During his illegal trials he stated that all he preached was out in the open - no secrets.  He proclaimed truth. He warned the daughters of Jerusalem. He forgave sin, and interceded on our behalf.  He assured the thief crucified next to him that his eternal destiny is secure in Jesus.  He cared for his mother.  Oh, and there's more!  

Why do we gloss over this? Do we forget the torture Jesus endured?  Do we forget that Jesus endured God's wrath - yes, his WRATH - that you and I deserve?  

Let's not forget.  Not this Friday.  Let's make Good Friday one of constant commemoration.  In 2017 The Gospel Coalition posted an article written by Russ Ramsey. In it, Mr. Ramsey suggests setting alarms throughout the day, so that you can follow the events of Good Friday, even as you go about work, family life, or other activities.  I think it's a great idea.  And as the day progresses, pray.  Thank God for his lovingkindness toward you.  Remember that Jesus did, in fact, pay it all, and all to him and him alone do you owe your life.  

Finally, remember that grace is unmerited favor, but the cost of our salvation was incomparable.  Jesus freely gives us his grace and salvation because he alone bore our sins. Please don't reject him.  If you do not know Jesus, place your faith and trust in Him today.

This Friday, set aside time to remember.  Consider setting your alarms, as Mr. Ramsey suggested.  Let's make Good Friday a most worshipful day!
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