By Clara Prince, Key Radio intern

When you hear the name Jesus, what comes to mind? I know several people who believe He is simply a myth - a legend. I also have friends who believe He existed but was no more than a good man. And many believe Him to be the Messiah - the Son of the living God. There are many views of Jesus in our world today, but it is your own conclusion that matters, and it must be concluded based on evidence. Del Tackett, Creator of Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project, states, “People create a picture of who Jesus is. And sometimes they don’t like Jesus because they’ve got the picture wrong.” Then what’s the right picture?

Last year, my junior year of high school, I was given the English assignment to write a research paper on any topic I wanted. I decided to dive into the question, Who is Jesus? I discovered the evidence-based truth of Jesus looking at His character, ministry, death, and resurrection. Another aspect of Jesus I researched was what was said about Him by those who knew Him and what Jesus said about Himself. In the book of Matthew, Jesus asks His disciples, “‘But what about you?’ he asked. ‘Who do you say that I am?’” (Matthew 16:15, NIV).

This is a question we all must answer for ourselves, and our conclusion will influence the way we live our lives. Your faith-walk isn’t something you inherit from your parents. My faith is my own journey and what I believe is based on the evidence of Christ’s resurrection. I’m a Christian because I have chosen to put my trust and faith in Christ alone. Jesus paid the ultimate price for my sins. He lived the life I could never live and died the death I deserve. He is my best friend, and He is my Lord and Savior. Six years ago, I decided to live my life for Jesus because He died for mine.

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