Gross Contempt for a Precious Treasure
In a distant land long ago, a nation of people lost an irreplaceable chest which belonged to the king. It was shameful, really.  Instead of appealing to the king for his favor and protection before engaging in battle against their enemy, the people decided to use the king’s royal chest as a good luck charm of sorts.  The enemy quickly defeated the unprotected masses and stole the valued treasure.

The people were embarrassed and humiliated and knew their king was greatly displeased.
Then one fateful day, the enemy who was in great distress over the strange curse the chest seemed to unleash upon them, hastily and covertly returned it to the people. When the king’s people discovered it, they shouted and laughed. The king was going to be so happy for its safe return!  They broke out their musical instruments.  They sang! They danced! They jumped and cheered.  But they weren’t careful with the treasure they so joyfully recovered.

The treasure was unceremoniously carried on an old farm cart, pulled by two clumsy, foul-smelling oxen.  Caught up in the revelry, no one thought to avoid potholes. As a result, the treasure tipped this way and that, and was woefully jostled about.

The king was appalled at the unbridled disregard of the chest’s value, and even more disgusted with the people’s lack of respect for their king. Had they not learned anything? He severely punished the foolish and ungrateful people, not because of the mishandling of the treasure, but because of their gross contempt for king and kingdom.

True story, friend. You can read about this in 1 Samuel 4 and 5, and 2 Samuel 6 if you like. There are several applications we can make in our own lives. One application is this – there is only one way to truly please God. We can sing all the right songs, read all the right books, say all the right things, help all the right people and donate to all the right charities and causes, and none of it – none of it – will please God. Does that shock you?

The only way to please God is to first turn to His true Treasure – Jesus. Repent of your sins, and in great humility of mind, believe in the gospel (Mark 1:15).  Salvation is found in no one else but Jesus. (Acts 4:12) The only path to the Father is through Jesus (John 14:6).  Jesus alone is our treasure, and it is treasonous and rebellious to deny Christ and his redemptive work on the cross.

And incidentally, Jesus isn’t our treasure only, but he is also our King.  Are you mishandling such a treasure as the salvation that is offered to you?  Are you demonstrating gross contempt for the King who loves you to the point of death – even death on a cross?  Repent.  Be saved.  Love and treasure your Lord and King.

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